Modul fixed costs and timeline

Modul homes are two storey, three-bedroom freehold title homes available on a stock basis – as homes are manufactured and shipped into New Zealand they become available for purchase.

How do I buy?

Buying a Modul home of the plans is straight forward. A deposit is paid on the home, in this case 10%. After the civil construction is complete and the title to your land is created, you’ll pay a land title transfer payment. At this point the land is transferred to your ownership.

Since your Modul home is constructed off site, it is ‘complete’ once it has been delivered to the site and is ready to move in. The balance of the price is then paid after Auckland Council furnishes the home’s Code of Compliance Certificate.

As a buyer on the open market, you can visit a Modul display home, find out information on the homes available for sale, talk to an agent, and pay the 10% deposit to secure your home.

For potential affordable home buyers, Modul is offering a portion of its homes in the affordable price bracket. Currently, a home is defined as affordable when it is priced at or below $650,000. You’ll need to register and qualify for an affordable home programme such as Kiwibuild, at this stage you’ll enter a ballot.

The affordable modular homes are three-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom, two-storey terrace homes. More Modul homes are planned for two other Kāinga Ora developments in Auckland neighbourhoods Roskill South and Ōwairaka.

Visit a display home

Walk through the display home at 23 Nugget Avenue, Hobsonville Point, Auckland.
Or contact us to make an appointment.

And the price?

Modul is about bringing more affordable homes to New Zealanders – as well as designs with real innovation. The homes available are at affordable and open market price points.

Modul three-bedroom market homes / from $845,000
Modul three-bedroom affordable homes / from $650,000

What’s the timeline?

Your Modul home can be ready to move in as little as four weeks after arriving in New Zealand.

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