How it works: the Modul process

You’ve heard of tiny houses, kitset homes, and prefabricated cabins. All of these can be trucked to a site and, voilà, a small but perfectly formed dwelling. So what’s different about a Modul home – and why is it a first for New Zealand?

For a start, a Modul home isn’t small. It’s a full-sized, two-storey, three-bedroom home.


Like all our favourite tech, Modul homes are factory built. The homes arrive in New Zealand by container ship and are transported to prepared sites in neighbourhoods around Auckland.

Until now, the full-sized modular homes available in New Zealand were constructed from prefabricated components. A Modul home, on the other hand, isn’t made up of different prefab parts joined together. It’s a single prefabricated unit.

Each Modul home is manufactured in its entirety at the factory, northwest of Shanghai. The factory is a leading producer of prefabricated buildings in China, with an impressive welding facility for making customised modular buildings. The factory holds a number of global patents and ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

You can dig deeper into Modul’s environmental standards and how it fulfills the New Zealand building code in Better than the building code’.

The Modul difference

Everything, including the interior fit out, is undertaken by the teams at the factory according to the Modul design that was conceived and customised in New Zealand. It was key that Modul homes were made for New Zealanders and New Zealand conditions.

Designed by Auckland company Shanahan Architects to match Kiwi lifestyles, the homes are designed to bring buyers affordable quality. The cost savings on good materials, as well as reduced labour costs are passed onto the buyer. Even more impressive are the time-saving advantages of a home manufactured off site.

And that’s the Modul difference. Thanks to a super-efficient, high-tech process, your new three-bedroom, architecturally designed home can be shipped and ready in just four weeks.

Ready in four weeks

Watch Modul homes arriving at Hobsonville Point


Fixed cost & timeline

Buying a Modul home follows the same process as buying off the plans for a house built in the traditional way.

Quality Materials

Modul homes feature floor-to-ceiling windows, top notch double-glazing and are made from the same solid steel as shipping containers.

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